Contrail 320 Heavy Duty Board Cutter

Crest’s revolutionary Heavy Duty Board Cutters adds a completely new dimension to cutting technology, by making light work of cutting, trimming and scoring even the toughest materials.


The machine is fast, accurate, clean, silent and can handle a wide range of heavy duty materials which would previously have required the use of a power saw.


The machine is developed as a high quality production machine with a fast pneumatic clamping bar and high cutting speed, driven by a powerful motor tallowing fast production cycles. The machine is developed and produced in Crest’s factory in the Netherlands.


Dust Free Cutting:

The cutting technology used completely eliminates irritating dust, noise and fumes produced by alternative cutting methods. This is a big benefit when the machine is in the same area with laminating machines.


Working Position:

 It is possible to use the machine in two positions, vertical to save space, or horizontal. In this case the control panel can be moved to the front of the machine for easy access.


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