Cutting Laminator Double

The Cutting Laminator Double is a slitting and cross Cutting machine, with 2 sets of driven laminating units .


This multi functional machine for laminating and cutting is manufac-tured for laminating all kinds of foil and thin foam with the possibility to slit it, after laminating, into strokes and after slitting, to cut the material into sheets with the cross Cutter. This process can be executed in one run. The laminating unit can do single or double sided jobsA buer-loop prevents a laminating stop during the cross cutting cycle, this to avoid a pressure mark in the laminate. 


The following processes can be executed:

- Laminating from roll to roll

- Slitting into strokes and windup on roll

- Slitting and cross Cutting into Sheets

- Cross Cutting (without slitting) into sheets


The Cutting laminator is fully developed and manufactured by Crest Dutch Machinery in their own factory in the Nether-lands.



 - Industrial Design

- Colour touch screen operating panel

- Open machine construction

- Automatic process



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