In line Hologram Unit with Auto Correction

This hologram unit is especially developed by Crest for hot stamping Hologram logos onto licence plates. 
Compared to the existing units on the market, this Crest Hologram unit has high cycle speed and maximum adjustment possibilities to the various dimensions of licence plates and hologram shapes and dimensions. 

The servo controlled transport from the plate ensures an accurate and fast positioning underneath the hologram unit. A special sensor measures the position of the graphical (Euro) logo and corrects the hologram unit, if necessary, with an fast acting servomotor to ensure always the right Hologram position according the graphical (Euro) logo. 

The unit can be integrated in the Crest graphical licence plate production-line GLPA2000Plus. 

The Hologram unit can easily build out of the line and operate as stand alone unit or in combination with the Crest automated offline unit with automatic handlings unit. This gives maximum flexibility to use the hologram unit in-line or off-line for different applications. 



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