Inline Vision System for License Plate

This Licence Plate camera system contains a High resolution, high speed, line-scan camera scanning each plate on different type of errors.

The complete imaging software is running on a windows platform and user friendly. The system can be programmed on each type and dimension of error. 

The system can look in different areas with different resolutions. For example the blue Euro logo can be judge with other specs than the white area. The system can also measure the plate on length and width. 

Typical errors are;

- Foil splice

- White spots in the blue logo

- Black spots in the White area

- Misalignment from the graphical logo in X or Y direction

- Deformations of surface (dents) 

The plates will be ejected out of the press and collected by a transport system and alignment unit which transports the plate into the camera system. A Sensor detects the incoming plate and triggers the camera. The camera will scan the plate in the fly and will give a signal from Pass or Fail. After inspection the plate will can be passed trough to a Laser marking system, this Laser system is Enabled by a good plate and Disabled by a reject plate to avoid Laser marking rejected plates. After laser marking the good plates will be stacked and the wrong plates will be collected to another position. 



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