Laminator Slitter

This machine is a combination from a Laminator- and Slitting machine in one frame for Single-pass Laminating, Mounting, Slitting and Winding.  The machine can also be used as a standalone laminator or as a standalone slitting-machine.  With this machine it is easy to convert Foil-rolls to Multiple-rolls, the width of the converted rolls is free to adjust by easy adjustable slitting-knifes.

The Slitting-unit has a automatic position-correction according a printed reference-line. In this case the  Slitting-knifes are always in the right position according the printed webs, even when the printed roll is not properly winded.  The 2 winding-positions at the rear are equipped with 2 Auto-grip Differential-shafts with adjustable friction-brake for perfect winded rolls and roll-tension. The machine is developed and produced in Crest’sfactory in the Netherlands.



- Speed setting of the rollers

- Nip pressure of the rollers

- Pressure readout by means of LED bar

- Pneumatic activated Slitting-knifes with free adjustable Slitting-pressure 

- Automatic tracking from Slitting-unit according web by sensing Reference-line 

- Manual operating-knob for Slitting-bar alignment-position

- Digital Length-counter                                       



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