Modular Glass Laminating Concept

The Modular Glass Laminating Concept has been designed for high quality, laminating of a wide range of lms and foils on at sheet glass. A robust and stable design in combina-tion with easy and exible operation guarantees a distur-bance free, long working life and excellent control of both the quality and quantity of the laminated at sheet glass.


This Modular Glass Laminating Concept has been designed to be seamlessly integrated into any at sheet glass produc-tion process. The modular design in combination with the engineering ca-pabilities of Crest allows for tailor-made solutions to specic customer requirements.The switchable rotating direction in combination with the userfriendly operating panel with digital display on the swing arm allows for operation of the machine from both sides. 


The robust industrial design and the high-quality control technology guarantee a long working life and excellent control of both the quality and the quantity of the work to be carried out.



- Modular Concept

- Industrial Design

- Full options program

- Rotating operating panel


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