Multi Wall Cutter

The Multiwall cutter saves time and money.Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are no longer cut to sizewith a saw but with a blade. 


This technique reduces noise nuisance to a minimum. An additional advantage is that no swarf at all is produ-ced during cutting. These features add up to a clean andrelatively quiet work area - reason enough to consider theMultiwall cutter a good investment. In addition to a swarf-free work area, the sheets remain dustfree owing to the use of cutters. There in no longer a need to blow the sheets clean with an air pistol. The use of an air pistol unavoidably introduces all kinds of organic particles which can serve as a breeding ground for fungi. With the Multiwall cutter this problem too, is a thing of the past. You can now produce a cleaner product directly, with less work.


The Multi Wall Cutter that can be integrated attached to  a wall or, if preferred, be used horizontally as a stand-alone unit. It is  reliable and virtually maintenance free. In this way the Multiwall cutter enhances the quality of the work area and lowers labour costs. 


It is an investment that quickly pays for itself.



- Razor-sharp cutter

- Simple operating panel

- Clean Cutting



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