Road Sign Laminator

The Crest Road Sign Laminator is an industrial laminator for high production speed and volumes. The machine is especial-ly developed to laminate retro reective-, and all other kinds of foil, for trac signs or boards in general.


The top roller has a soft rubber compound to easily follow the sometimes slightly curved surfaces, or round edges of the signs. With the 3 bottom rollers, the machine is capable to do a “auto-reverse” and send the nished sign back to the front  at full speed., independent from the laminating speed. No ac-tion is required at the rear side of the machine. For long signs, the lamination can start in the middle of the signThe laminating direction is then reversed to nish the other half of the sign.


The roller NIP can be set according to the thickness of the frame or sign. The pneumatic cylinder can raise and lower the roller quickly without loosing the NIP and pressure settings.The air cylinder can be controlled with a button on the con-trol panel.The program switch is used to select one of the 3 operation modes: Automatic - Semi Automatic or Manual.



- 3 Program modes

- Industrial Design

- Special Roller coating

- Auto -Reverse

- Adjustable air pressure regulator


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