Roll to Sheet Laminator 800

The fully automatic Roll to Sheet Laminator is developed by Crest Dutch Machinery for full automatic lamination of self adhesive foil on single sheets.  


The main goal of this machine is to prepare a sheet-A from roll and laminate this sheet on top of another sheet-B. This within the outlines from sheet-B without stopping during the laminating process. The length from sheet-A, and the laminate-start-position from sheet-A onto Sheet-B, can be programmed.


The machine consists of three main units: Infeed table, Laminator  and Sheet collector.The sheets are positioned in front of the laminator. The infeed table receives the sheets from a feeder or an operator. After positioning the sheet moves into the laminator where the laminate is rolled off, cut and laminated onto the sheets. After lamination the sheets are transported to the rear of the machine where the sheets are collected in a tray. The collecting unit consists of two trays so production can continue when one tray is full. 


The machine is suitable for in-line and off-line operation.



- Modular Concept

- Industrial Design

- Colour touch screen operating panel

- Full automatic process

- Suitable for in-line and off-line operation


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