Terms & Conditions

Period of validity of quotation:

This offer will be valid 3 months after date of quota­ti­on.


Intellectual property rights:

 1. Unless agreed otherwise, Crest retains the copyright and all industrial property rights in the offers made by Crest and in designs, illustrations, drawings, models, test models, software etc. supplied by Crest.


2. The rights to the data referred to in paragraph 1 shall remain the property of Crest irrespective of whether costs are charged to the customer for their production. Such data may not be copied, used or shown to third parties without the express consent of Crest. If this provision is infringed, the customer shall owe Crest a penalty of EUR 25,000. This penalty may be claimed in addition to any compensation owed by law.


3. The customer must return the data supplied to Crest as referred to in paragraph 1 at the first request of Crest within the period specified by Crest. In the event of an infringement of this provision the customer shall owe Crest a penalty of EUR 1,000 per day. This penalty may be claimed in addition to any compensation owed by law.



 Unless agreed otherwise, Ex. works Raalte.

(Cost of shipment, assurance and customs are charged separately.)


Delivery time:

 See quotation.


Test materials:

The customer will provide Crest Dutch Machinery, free of char­ge, with as much test materials as necessary, foil, boards and aluminium.


Installation / Service:

Not included. See our standard rates.

Labour mechanical: € 80,- per hour

Labour software: € 110,- per hour

Telephone/email/internet support: € 80,- per hour

Travel: € 60,- per hour

Car: € 0,80 per km.

Plane ticket, Rental car, hotel cost, food, etc. will be extra charged.       



Excl. VAT, based on present costs levels, valid for 2014.

Orders under need €150,- will be charged with €15,- administration cost.


Terms of payment:

 Unless agreed otherwise, payment shall be made as follows.

- 45% direct upon order. First payment is part of the order.

- 55% upon delivery before shipment.

- Extra charges within 14 days after invoice date.


Orders covered with a letter of credit (L/C) will be charged with 3% additional cost on top of the total order amount.



 12 months on parts, with an average use of 8 hours a day or 1600 hours production time in total, excluded parts which wear and tear (rubber on rolls, cutting dies, brakes, knifes etc.).

Costs of labour, travelling and room-and-board will be char­ged separately.


Reservation of title and right of lien

 1. After delivery of the goods Crest shall retain title to them as long as the customer:

a. fails or will fail to perform his obligations under this agreement or other similar agreements;

b. fails or will fail to pay for activities performed or yet to be performed under such agreements;

c. has not paid claims that result from the non-observance of the above mentioned agreements such as damage, penalties, interest and costs.


2. As long as title to delivered goods is retained by Crest the customer may not encumber them other than in the normal course of his business.


3. After Crest has invoked his reservation of title, he may retake possession of the delivered goods. The customer shall allow Crest to enter the place where the goods are situated.


4. If Crest is unable to invoke his reservation of title because the delivered goods have been mingled, distorted or changed by way of accession   (accessio), the customer shall be obliged to grant Crest a lien on the newly created goods.



If the customer wishes to terminate the agreement in circumstances where Crest is not in default and Crest agrees to this, the agreement shall be terminated by mutual consent. Crest shall in that case be entitled to compensation of all pecuniary damage, such as any loss suffered, loss of profit and costs incurred.



All our quotations and orders placed with us are subject to the Metaalunie-conditions, filed with the register of the District Court of Rotterdam, as stipulated in the latest text lodged with the said court. The metaalunie-conditions, and the conditions of delivery and payment, will be send to you upon request.


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