Delaminator 800

The full automatic Delaminator is developed by Crest Dutch Machinery for full automatic liner removal from single sheets.  The main goal of this machine is to remove the liner from the top of a sheet. 


The machine consists of seven main units: Infeed table, tape unit, delamination unit, liner windup unit, cleaining unit, pick and place unit and stacker. The infeed table receives the sheet from a machine or an op-erator and will be transported to the tape unit. The tape unit applies an adhesive tape to bond the liner on the sheet to the liner on the previous sheet. The sheet will be transported to the delaminating unit where the liner will be removed and collected by the wind up release liner unit. After delaminat-ing the sheet is treated with ionized air and cleaned by the cleaning unit. The pick and place unit picks up the sheet and places it on a tray that is located on the stacker table.



- Industrial Design

- Colour touch screen operating panel

- Full automatic process


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