Roll to Sheet Laminator 800 with Pick and Place unit

The fully automatic Roll to Sheet Laminator with Pick and Place (P&P) is developed by Crest Dutch Machinery for fully automatic lamination of self adhesive foil on single sheets.  


The main goal of this machine is to prepare a sheet-A from roll and laminate this sheet on top of another sheet-B.  This within the outlines from sheet-B without stopping during the laminating process.  The length from sheet-A, and the laminate-start-position from sheet-A onto Sheet-B, can be programmed.The machine consists of four main units: Infeed P&P, Cleaning unit, Laminator and output P&P.The pick and place unit picks up a sheet (A) from the collec-tion storage tray and positions it on a transport belt in front of the cleaning unit. At the same time the laminated sheet coming from thre top (sheetB) will be prepared from roll on a programmed lenght.The transportbelt will feed sheet A trough the cleaning unit in front of the laminator.


In the laminator both sheets will be laminated together. After lamination the sheets are trans-ported with a transport belt to the rear of the machine and with a P&P collected in a collection tray. 



- Modular Concept

- Industrial Design

- Colour touch screen operating panel

- Full automatic process


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