Rotary Die Cutter

The Crest Rotary Die Cutter is developed to work with different cutting techniques such as through cutting, kiss-cutting and scoring. The machine is perfect for small to medium sized products from different materials such as plastic, paper, foam, rubber, foil, adhesives, etc. The Crest Rotary Die Cutters are perfect to run an entire in-line production from base material to final product.



  • Production speed up to 70m/min.
  • Modular system with interchangeable units such as: wind & unwind units, laminating unit, stacker, die-cut, web control, slitting, crosscutting, register units and custom solutions.
  • Easy switching between units for several production runs
  • Completely closable to avoid dust
  • Open machine construction for easy process setup
  • Available in widths 175 and 250, other widths available on request

The design can be altered to meet specific requests