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A vital aspect of partnership is service. Because Crest is an expert in every detail of the assembly process, Crest can quickly come up with a solution if there are any problems. The robust and service friendly design of equipment ensures a long technical and reliable lifespan. 

Preventive maintenance keeps equipment in a good shape, however if technical assistance is needed in case of a serious problem, the Crest service engineer will generally be at your doorstep within 24 hours. 


If customers prefer to look after the maintenance of their machines themselves, Crest will be pleased to train staff how to install, operate and maintain the equipment.


It is good to know that the employees of Crest worked for Sallmetall and Crest Engineering in the past, which ensures you that we have all the knowledge, technical documentation (manuals, etc.)  and spare-parts available. We can service, repair and deliver spare-parts from stock also for Sallmetall Laminators and Cutters.


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